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Moki is an activity tracking wristband and software application that provides a safe, simple and fun way for schools to engage their students in an active curriculum.

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Moki is being used by a rapidly growing community of schools all over the world.
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Moki is the best investment of Sport Premium funding we've ever made.

– Stacey Cannon, Selby Abbey Primary School

Moki has had such a positive impact on the amount of physical activity taking place in school.

– Cherise Duxbury, Washacre Primary School

Moki really is powerful and can have a huge impact on how schools identify children that need engaging and inspiring to be active.

– Ian Holmes, Thorner Primary School

Moki has engaged both staff and pupils in a really positive way. As a school that's passionate about nurturing healthy bodies and minds it's an incredible resource for us.

– Chris Willan, Water Primary School

How does it work?

Moki Band

The Band

The Moki Band is a durable, water-resistant wristband that records both the number of steps and the minutes of moderate to vigorous physical activity (MVPA) performed by the wearer.

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Moki Reader

The Reader

Connect the Moki Reader to any Windows PC or Apple Mac via USB. When a Moki Band is tapped on the Reader the data is transferred to the app using contactless payment technology so it's quick, easy and secure.

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The App

Measure and motivate the activity of every child in your school, every day with the Moki app. View or print reports with a single click, group students into teams and create custom challenges. Moki was designed to provide useful insight and feedback quickly and without any hassle.

Moki App Teams

Key Features

Tap to Sync

Moki Bands contain the same technology used for contactless payments making it both easy and secure to transfer data.

Designed for Schools

Moki was developed from the ground up to allow schools to harness the full potential of wearable technology and the data it provides.

Insight + Inspiration

Moki gives you a clear picture of your whole school activity so that you can focus on the activities and initiatives  that are most effective.

Privacy by Design

Moki has been designed to exacting levels of privacy standards. From the outset privacy by design principles such as data minimisation have been considered and implemented.

Next Steps

If you'd like to know more about Moki our FAQ is the best place to start. If there's anything else you need don't hesitate to contact us.