Moki Insights #5

Physical activity comparison between staff and pupils

This analysis examines physical activity in those primary schools that have used Moki with both teachers and students.

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Real-time data on children’s physical activity in schools.

Moki Insights helps schools, education authorities, research bodies, local and central governments, and other organisations who want to improve children’s health understand, evaluate and evidence the impact of active learning. We do this by analysing the largest global datasets of live, in-school activity data ever collected.

How do we collect data?

Analysis comes from data collected using Moki's unique activity tracker from 950 primary schools and more than 60,000 pupils. Moki Bands contain an accelerometer that tracks the movement - both volume (steps) and intensity (MVPA) of the wearer. Moki Bands do not monitor heart rate or use any GPS technology to track location.

Expert insight and analysis

Moki co-founder, Professor Dylan Thompson, leads the research team at Moki. Dylan has specific expertise in the use of technology for the assessment of physical activity, and was an expert member for the Chief Medical Officer’s 2019 update to UK physical activity guidelines.

Real-time data at scale

Total Steps





Moki wearables are being used by a rapidly growing community of schools, educators, researchers and organisations all over the world.

How active are our schools?

Moki is a physical activity tracking wristband and software application that provides a safe, simple and fun way for schools to engage their students in an active curriculum.